Booking Terms & Conditions



How it all works: terms and conditions for booking your tour with Jibha Africa Safaris (JAS)



1.1 The contract will become effective as from the date the invoice is completed and the deposit, referred to in Clause 2.1, is received by JAS CC (hereinafter known as the Company).

1.2 The contract is subject to the Local Government Law.

1.3 Any person making a reservation as per Clause 8.4 accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement set out hereunder.


How to Book

2.1 A 30% deposit of the full amount due is required to confirm any reservation and is to be done by the agent or client.

2.2 The Company must receive the balance of the contract price no later than 40 days (6 weeks) prior to departure.

2.3 If the Company does not receive the full contract price 42 days (6 weeks) before the departure date, the Company may cancel the reservation and retain whatever deposit or other funds it has already received from the client or his agent.


How to Pay

3. The payment options will be provided upon confirmation of a booking.


Our Cancellation Policy

4.1 Any cancellation of a confirmed booking must be done in writing (email) to the Company whereupon cancellation charges as per Clause 4.2 will apply.

4.2 If the booking is cancelled, the following fees apply relative to the amount of notice given:


·  > 30 + days:

Deposit forfeited


15-30 days:

50% of invoiced amount refunded


14 or less days:

No refund


Please note: the notice period is calculated from the date of cancellation to the start date of the tour/safari booking.


4.3 No refund will be made by the Company if, for any reason, inclusions or parts of the tour cannot be carried out / or utilised. These would include all facets such as meals, game drives, accommodation etc. This would also apply to any client who has booked a tour but fails to undertake the tour for any reason.


Our Changes Policy

5. If a booking is changed to an earlier date than originally reserved, the Company will endeavor to change it. If the booking is for a later date, charges as per Clause 4.2 could apply.



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