Zambia is truly a unique safari destination within southern Africa with enticing options in the South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi & Kafue. It is one of the regions last remaining “wild” places where the safari experience itself is the primary focus.  If you are active and seek adventure, Zambia is a great place to visit.

Walking is king here. In Zambia, you can track lion on foot, canoe among hippos and crocodiles, and discover the unforgettable birds of Southern Africa in abundance as they cover the skies

Zambia is home to the walking safari and it remains one of the best places in Africa to track wildlife on foot, in addition to the traditional game drive.

The country’s national parks span a variety of ecosystems and landscapes, giving guests the opportunity to experience a comprehensive and diverse safari circuit within the same country. In Kafue, guests are treated to the vast open plains of Busanga which are reminiscent of East Africa.  In Lower Zambezi National Park, guests are afforded the opportunity to participate in water-based activities such as canoeing and motorboat safaris.  The world famous Victoria Falls is also a must-see attraction during a visit to Zambia.

While luxury abounds in Zambia, it pulls strongly at the hearts of those who consider themselves “safari purists” like our own Kota Tabuchi, who prefers experiencing Africa outside of the vehicle and away from the lodge. With superior guides and enthusiastic camp/lodge hosts, Zambia offers a plethora of experiences to keep the active traveller engaged and enthralled.

Walking safaris in Zambia were pioneered in South Luangwa National Park and it still sets the pace. However you can also enjoy safaris on foot in the Lower Zambezi, North Luangwa and Kafue.

Many of our clients prefer a more tailor-made approach. Another option is to stay at a bush camp in the South Luangwa which specializes in walking safaris, such as Bilimungwe Camp or Nsefu Camp.

Nsefu Camp Chalets, South Luangwa

Ideally you split your time between two or three of these bush camps to enjoy the different terrain. This in turn attracts diverse wildlife. Sometimes you can even walk between two bush camps such as from Luwi to Nsolo Camp, or Chindeni to Chamilandu. We recommend adding a couple of nights at a third lodge which focuses on game drives. This will give you a well-rounded safari experience. In the Lower Zambezi, Old Mondoro and Chiawa Camp also do plenty of walking safaris.

What’s the best time for a walking safari in Zambia?

The ideal time for Zambia walking safaris is probably June to mid-September. In June and July it will be cool in the mornings but you’ll be able to walk in comfort for hours. By mid-September, it will be warm even as you leave the camp early in the morning. So you’ll be pretty hot by the time you finish your walk at 10.30 or 11 am. The middle of the day is spent enjoying a well-earned siesta. (October is very hot so not recommended for a serious walking safari!)